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Feel revitalised within the comfort of your own Sloane Avenue home, office or hotel with a visiting massage

Experience the bliss of a mobile massage tailored to you

With options including holistic massage, head massage, and sports massage, you can create the ideal at home massage experiences in Sloane Avenue where our professional therapists can focus on what matters to you most. If you still aren't sure, click through to learn what each massage includes and how it can positively support your physical and mental wellbeing.

Mobile massage at your home

It's time to invest in your health

Having a staycation in Sloane Avenue? Or want a pick me up after a tough week? There are so many reasons you might want a massage but the best part about our mobile massage services in Sloane Avenue means that you don't have to factor in finding one near you. You never need to set foot in a spa again, instead, you can just enjoy the experience for the reasons you booked - to remove any unnecessary stress, unwind and say goodbye to those tight muscles. All you need is to have a spare hour or so and you are on your way to reaping the positive effects of your visiting massage treatment.

Pricing that you can feel relaxed about

With a visiting massage in Sloane Avenue, we want your experience to be one of relaxation from the very beginning, and that includes making payment. When using our booking system, all payments are upfront and inclusive meaning no travel charges or additional fees for you. Choose one of our nine treatments, pick one of our professional massage therapists and they can be at your door in less than one hour.

  • 60 minutes

    from £75

  • 90 minutes

    from £95

  • 120 minutes

    from £115

Mobile massage services

Our qualified mobile massage therapists come to you

Last minute booking? No problem! Our therapists only need 60 minutes notice to be at your front door. No free time until later in the evening? We understand! Our range of professional mobile massage treatments are available from 8am up until 11pm every day of the week. Relax in your hotel room, home or office when you book your massage with one of our experienced mobile massage therapists in Sloane Avenue.

Relax at home with the Massage House experience

Find your glow with an in home massage treatment without having to leave your Sloane Avenue home. And with even more fantastic reasons to treat yourself to a professional massage, it's too good not to get yourself booked in today.

    Book Mobile Massage Online

    Book Online

    We make it as easy as a, b, c to book your at home mobile massage from your Sloane Avenue home with our easy to use online booking system. You can be one step closer to unwinding with a luxurious mobile massage in a matter of minutes just pop in your postcode, pick your massage of choice, how long for and you are on your way.

    Fixed Price Massage

    Simple Pricing

    When it comes to pricing, we want to keep it as uncomplicated and clear as possible, so we get everything organised and paid when you book. That way, you can tick it off your to-do list knowing there won't be any extra future charges or hidden fees.

    Professional Massage Therapists

    Qualified Massage Therapists

    Our entire team of professional massage therapists are rigorously background checked and vetted before onboarding so that you can feel comfortable having them in your home. We also make sure our therapists are trained so you know you are being treated by a skilled individual with whatever massage treatment you choose from our range.

    Ecologi Eco Positive Company

    Eco-Friendly Company

    We're aiming to plant 1000s of trees and offset 100s tons of carbon to make our mobile massage service eco-friendly with our partner Ecologi. Who knew that relaxing in Sloane Avenue could feel this good?

Treat yourself to an in home massage

With a visiting massage experience, you can say goodbye to daily tension and stiffness without leaving the comfort of your Sloane Avenue home or office. And if you are visiting Sloane Avenue we can even have a massage therapist come to you in your hotel room during your stay. For those that are new to massage, we have introductory-level treatments such as our relaxation massage or head massage that use light to medium pressure touch for a soothing experience. Whereas some of our more advanced massages such as the deep tissue massage can alleviate specific aches and pains you have and help prevent further injury.

Being at ease is important to gain the full benefits of a massage experience, so having this take place somewhere familiar and comfortable, will allow you to completely immerse yourself in your spa treatment. During your massage treatment and depending on the intensity of the massage you have chosen, your visiting therapist can use a wide range of massage techniques including kneading, wringing and effleurage (repeated circular movements). This is to help relax your muscles, support lowered stress levels and generally give you a feeling of a revitalised body and mind. There is a massage for all needs, and once you find your favourite treatment and feel the real benefits on both your body and mind, you will find yourself making it a regular event!

Common questions about mobile massage in Sloane Avenue

We've been in the mobile massage business a while so there aren't many things we haven't been asked. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about booking a massage to your Sloane Avenue home, office or hotel. If you still can't find what you're looking for, get in touch as our team would love to help you with answers to your query.

  • How far in advance do I need to book my massage?
    Depending on the availability of our team of professional massage therapists, you can book a Sloane Avenue mobile massage to take place in as little as 60 minutes. Our booking system also gives you the ability to book further in advance if you are wanting to get something in your calendar for a date in the future.
  • Will I need to leave my home to get a massage?
    Not at all, the unique aspect of a mobile massage is that our massage therapists travel to you. So if you are at your Sloane Avenue home, work or staying at a Sloane Avenue hotel, you just need to let us know when you book and our massage therapist will make their way there.
  • What is included in the cost of my massage?
    Everything! Your massage experience includes your mobile massage therapists time and skill, the travel costs for your professional therapist to get to your Sloane Avenue home, office or hotel as well as any massage oils used during your experience.
  • Do you have mobile massage services available in Sloane Avenue?
    Yes! Our team of massage therapists are available throughout Sloane Avenue to deliver our range of professional treatments to you. They can come to your home, office or hotel - whichever is the most convenient and comfortable for you.
  • Are you an eco-friendly company?
    Yes, we're working towards being a carbon neutral company and want to go much further to be a completely climate positive service. To do this we are aiming to plant 1000s of new trees and support the development of green infrastructure projects around the world that have the most impact in reducing carbon emissions to tackle the climate crisis. You can find more about our progress online with our partner at
  • What are your terms and conditions?
    You can find all of our terms and conditons online at
  • What's your privacy policy?
    Massage House respects your privacy and follows all relevant data protection regulations including GDPR. You can find our privacy policy online at

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